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Do I need any previous art experience?


What time should I arrive for a workshop or life class?

The doors at group workshops will be open five minutes before the start of workshops.


All the workshops are very structured with group demonstrations as well as a lot of individual help, so they suitable for all levels of experience.

Please arrive promtly, but its important not to arrive early so as not to interrupt the tutorial before.

What time should I arrive for an individual tutorial?

How do i pay for workshops?

The booking arrangements are simple, all the workshops are payable in advance please, just let me know what you'd like to book for, and i will then give you the details of how to pay either on line BACS or sending a cheque.

What kind of paper do I bring?

If the workshop description suggests cartridge paper: Bring non textured thick/heavy weight A2 or A3 cartridge paper.


If the workshop description suggests watercolour paper: Bring the kind which has a non uniform rough surface (the irregular slightly bumpy texture is a result of being mould made)

This kind of watercolour paper can be bought from any art shop. 'Broad Canvas' the art shop in Broad Street Oxford (www.broadcanvas.net) has the a good stock too. Its about £11 per pad for the ‘Langton Water Colour Paper’


Can I come to just one session of a two week themed group workshop?

Yes, on some occasions, particularly as the classes that are organised over two consecutive dates are often designed with ‘re cap’ notes and group demonstrations. Its always best to ask though as some two week sessions it is crucial to be at both for the development of the technique.





Langton Water Colour Paper